Old brand, new meeting, "Returnees" brand temperament, "big suit, Chinese heart" under the big manufacturing era.

Company Introduction


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The development history of 22 years is also a history of China's manufacturing industry. The expansion of the 3 production scale; the 80 mu modern factory building equipment; the service of 35 countries and regions in the world; more than 10 certification at home and abroad;


The world is the first to create EVOH, anti riot sun shading UV Resistance and prevention.……

  • 不透光

  • 防划伤

  • 符合饮用水标准

  • 防结构

  • 记忆功能

  • 抗冲击

  • 抗氧化

  • 绿色环保产品

  • 耐低温

  • 耐腐蚀

  • 耐高温

  • 内壁光滑不易结垢

  • 易施工

  • 阻养


Shen Feng management is like a 22 year old road. It has become an immortal and a great success. This is the only company that regards quality as the face of the boss.


Long life, quality as seen! Surpass the domestic front line, shoulder the world first class!……

Talent Recruitment

We're not looking for agents, but business partners……