Join advantage

High quality and best-selling products 优质畅销的产品

Mature and solid marketing strategy guidance 成熟稳健的营销策略指导

All-round and strong brand promotion support 全方位强有力的品牌宣传支持

Join conditions
  • 01. Have a fixed business location, warehouse, distribution tools.
  • 02. Have a strong sense of brand development and vision, have the corresponding investment ability and risk awareness, have a more mature sales team and team management capabilities, product sales capabilities.
  • 03. There are certain network resources and engineering capabilities in the local area.
  • 04. Appreciate Shenfeng's relevant policies and systems.

05. 认同申丰的企业文化 Identify Rifeng's group culture

Joining process
  • 01.Customer and Shenfeng Group two-way inspection
  • 02.Determine cooperation intention
  • 03.Completion of contract signing, customer filing, deposit and first payment
  • 04.Complete the first batch of product delivery, product display, etc.
  • 05.Marketing office cooperates with agents to start marketing
pre-sale service
Sale service
Intention to join